日本都市計画学会学術研究論文発表 in 北海道大学

The Academic papers recital of the City Planning Institute of Japan in Hokkaido. I made a presentation in the academic papers recital of City Planning Institute of Japan in Hokkaido, about “the process of examinations for legalizing casinos in Singapore “The word IR is the abbreviated title for “Integrated Resort “. In the facility, there are hotels, MICE, shopping centers, casinos and so forth. Last year, the Japanese government approved the bill for propulsion of the IR. At this moment, arguments in the National Diet are about social risks, such as gamming addiction, deterioration in security, and economical merits, such as investment from oversea and job creation from beginning to end. Mass media and public opinions follow those two points. However, I believe that there are a couple of important factors that should be argued. One is tourism industry and the other is city planning. The purpose of my dissertation is to stimulate the debate from different perspectives.

The dissertation would be perusal in the J-STAGE.(※Japanese only except abstruct)





「アジアデザイナーコミュニケーションプラット(APD)東京デザインツアー記者会見」<ADP Press Conference>

We had a press conference for Asia Designer Communication Platform at Terada ware house in Tokyo, and I had an opportunity to make speech as the representative for its Japanese members. The ADP has been established for various categories designers to shear ideas and to find opportunities of gaining collaboration in Asian countries.




NRC Presentation in China <設計福清創意未来>

On January 1st 2017, we took the stage at Fukusei, Fujian, China to present a couple of our current projects in Fujian, as well as a number of other previously completed projects in Japan. The seminar was attended by 40 industry professionals, as well as a number of media representatives, and we would like sincerely thank all those in attendance for their attention and interest in our projects. We would also like to extend our utmost thanks to Mr Rin who planned and gave us the opportunity to conduct this presentation. Prominent Chinese calligrapher Mr. Genki shows us a traditional writing performance. [Sekkei(Architectural Plan) Fukusei Soui(Create) Mirai(Future)] means that we can create a bright future for Fukusei through architectural planning. I sincerely thank Mr. Genki for the inspirational writing performance. On the day, we didn`t have enough time to make arrangements with a translator, and didn`t have time to answer each individual question, so we would like to explain the finer details of the presentation on our homepage. As I`m not familiar with the restricted Chinese SNS matters, I hope to spread this article so that people who joined the presentation find and understand what we wanted to share.