We are pleased to inform you that our firm’s “Ehime house” was awarded the gold medal in Asia design prize 2021.

We sincerely thank every last staff member and artisan who contributed to this project. Our firm will continue to put forth its best efforts in every design we undertake, and we appreciate your continued support in our endeavors.

Asia Design Prize is an international design prize among designers in the world. This competition discovers novel design concepts and ideas that will lead the future and promote them to the world. Asia Design Prize began as a design contest that explores concept designs to solve social problems in Asia. Design capable of solving problems in Asia such as weather anomaly, polarization, racial discrimination, and food shortage is one of important screening categories along with industrial design, visual design, and spatial design. It will continue to explore social impact designs and make the world a better place.


Publication( 雑誌掲載 ): Interviewed by Japanese magazine

Our firm was interviewed by Japanese magazine dealing with amusement facility.


Publication( 雑誌掲載 ): Interviewed by Japanese magazine

Interviewed regarding of the corona virus influence to plan commercial facility got published in Japanese magazine.



Interviewed by Korean design association 「DESIGN SORI」

韓国のデザイン協会「DESIGN SORI」よりインタビューを受けました。

Our firm was interviewed by Korean design association and introduced in「DESIGN SORI」