Publication( 雑誌掲載 ): Interviewed by Japanese magazine

Our firm was interviewed by Japanese magazine dealing with amusement facility.


Publication( 雑誌掲載 ): Interviewed by Japanese magazine

Interviewed regarding of the corona virus influence to plan commercial facility got published in Japanese magazine.



Interviewed by Korean design association 「DESIGN SORI」

韓国のデザイン協会「DESIGN SORI」よりインタビューを受けました。

Our firm was interviewed by Korean design association and introduced in「DESIGN SORI」


国際デザイン競技会(イタリア)にて銅賞受賞 <Bronze Medal at「A ’Design Awards and Competition」>

Our “eeGee STAY Omiya : Hotel facility” project won the Bronze Medal at 「A ’Design Awards and Competition 」 Italy

We are pleased to inform you that our firm’s “eeGee STAY Omiya : Hotel facility” was awarded the Bronze Medal at 「A ’Design Awards and Competitionfor Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2019.We sincerely thank every last staff member and artisan who contributed to this project. Our firm will continue to put forth its best efforts in every design we undertake, and we appreciate your continued support in our endeavors.

Reference「A’ Design Award and Competition is the World’s largest, most prestigious and influential design accolade, the highest achievement in design.」

弊社にて設計させていただきました「eeGee STAY 大宮」が国際デザイン競技会(イタリア)において銅賞を受賞いたしました。※English follows Japanese.


引用「A ‘Design Award and Competitionは、世界最大で最も権威があり、影響力のあるデザイン賞であり、デザインにおける最高の成果です。」