Hotel in Saitama, Japan

  • 所在地: Oomiya, Saitama-city ,Japan
  • 竣工年: 2019.05.10
  • 規 模: 1700㎡
  • 構 造: RC
A Booster Shot to the Local Economy
This hotel should revive the businesses around it, rather than invading and conquering the existing retail area. To accomplish this, we designed this hotel with an eye towards minimalism, abandoning the usual restaurants and vending machines in order to encourage visitors to patronize local shops. We're bringing our vision to life in an existing vacant building located in a shopping arcade near Tokyo. After World War II, shopping arcades were the main retail hubs in Japan. However, due to recent redevelopment and modernization in Japanese cities, huge suburban shopping malls have been drawing consumers away from the arcades, causing these old-fashioned shops to suffer. Many shops have already closed, and more are just waiting to shut down. Sometimes we call these shopping arcades "shutter streets" even though there are still many charming stores left behind.
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