Ehime House

  • 所在地: Ehime prefecture, Japan
  • 竣工年: 2020.12
  • 規 模: 110㎡
  • 構 造: Wooden
The site is located in Ehime prefecture which is in Shikoku island, Southern part of Japan.
There are some high-rise apartments around the site, therefore we planned it to be a closed setting in order to keep privacy. Having that circumstance, the living room designed to have high-ceiling in order to get the appropriate South sun light from the huge window which is one of the few windows in the house. The kitchen with a dining table is angled to its living area to generate extra space and make an impression of spaciousness.
On the exterior material, charred cedar which is a well-known product in the area is used with steel plates. The combination of the natural and artificial material would bring out a unique expression as a whole.
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