某長野事務所 新築工事(Nagano Office Build.)

  • 所在地: 長野県小諸市(Nagano, Japan)
  • 竣工年: 2018.6
  • 規 模: 74㎡
  • 構 造: Steel
The site is in the middle of Japan-Nagano prefecture. It is located in a rural area, surrounded by rice paddy field. The existing building was storage with office space as a whole for selling machine parts. We started to imagine futuristic shape in constructing to the surrounded rice paddy field. We are planning the architecture on this site to create a mysterious atmosphere as a whole scene, by contrasting the contemporary architecture and then we decided to detach it into two parts as its function. Front side is newly built as a work space and Back side is renovated as storage space those are connected.
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