愛媛県某商業施設(Complex Gaming facility in Ehime prefecture)

  • 所在地: 愛媛県松山市(Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture, Japan)
  • 竣工年: 2015.10.27
  • 規 模: 3588㎡
  • 構 造: 鉄骨造一部2階建て(Steel Construction, Second Floor)

We continuously made layout of 232 sets of wings which made by aluminum molding on the wall in a row. In addition, it is lighted from the top on the surface of wing and from the bottom on the back side of the wing. That lighting way could make the wings float into the sky.
The wing is corporative image of ZEN which operates the gaming facility in Shikoku prefecture where on the south of Japan. 
There is a wide length of road in front of the location, therefore a large number of cars go by in one day. Our design aimed to make subliminal effects to the passerby by using continuous wings. That design technique succeeded on effect to the company’s clean images rather than paying high amounts of advertisement fees on the TV commercial.
And it also succeeded to make the only one façade in the world.
Its image of the façade is modern by using a large number of glasses and aluminums, however we emphasis the cool Japan on its overall impression.
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