「Tokyo House Renovation」 竣工並びに完成見学会実施





The building we renovated was 43 years old. We started by repairing the outer wall as well as the water proof on the waterproofing on the roof. After removing the damaged tiles from the building’s exterior, we coated the wall with mortar and painted it with a waterproof varnish for a smooth finish. In order to preserve the classical look of the building, we retained some of the exterior tiles. The minimalist look of the mortared exterior is offset by new wooden-style shutters.

In the interior of the building, we used elaborate craftsman’s techniques to build an artificial rock wall in the living room. The wooden boards used in the space are cut from a single walnut tree, creating an interesting textural juxtaposition against the rock wall. Introducing these naturalistic elements allowed us to create a dynamic surface and Japanesque atmosphere even within a limited space.

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