押上1丁目M 地鎮祭(jichin-sai)



JICHIN-SAI【Calming god of the land】for a Condominium with private housing near the Sky Tree in Tokyo, Japan.




We Japanese believe that a god resides in the land, thus we always have ceremony to call on the land god to provide security for the people involved with the construction before it begins. We call this ceremony jichin-sai. After the ceremony at the shrine, we move to a restaurant and have celebratory lunch together which called naorai.

At the beginning of the project, the client who is close to fifty years old was planning an exclusively residential dwelling, however he had felt uneasy about paying a home loan off for the rest of his life given his advancing age and health. Thus, we proposed to have a rented space lower the private space so that he could pay all loans using residual rental income.